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My creative journey with Jasper & Pud started in 2014 when I started my Etsy shop with just a handful of (mostly not very good 😅) printable planners. Since then my product line has grown into a wide range of organisational and motivational planners + a line of illustrated and handmade goods. I also sell some of my art on a range of products on Society6 and I am currently working on getting more of my illustrations up on there.


Jasper & Pud was born out of my endless desire to make and create things and wanting to do that full-time. I want to help people organise their lives and surround themselves with things that inspire them and brighten their day. Most of my designs are inspired by plants, nature and animals (especially cats!) because these things make me happy and I hope they can bring some joy to your life too. 🐱🌱🌿🌵